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Fluke IntelliTone Pro 200 LAN toner probe kit

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Product Features

The MT-8200-60-KIT is an IntelliTone™ Pro 200 LAN Toner and Probe Kit with network cable tester. This kit features eliminates confusion over cable location and decisively rejects noise and false signals, locates the correct cable bundle, isolates cable within bundle, despite cable bleed, verifies twisted-pair installation with visual end-to-end continuity test (opens, shorts and reversed pairs), identifies individual wire pairs with new SmartTone™ analogue toning, simplifies signal interpretation in noisy environments with multiple LED indicators.
LED display
1m Drop test with and without module
3000m Altitude
9V Alkaline/20-hour Battery type and life
Thumbwheel switch and volume wheel control
Turns off automatically after 2.5 hours toner/1 hour probe of inactivity
0 to 40°C Operating temperature range
Test & Measurement

LAN Toner and Probe, F-connector coaxial adaptor, Two RJ11 and two RJ45 Patch cables, Test leads with crocodile clips, Lanyards, Guide and Two 9V PP3 batteries.

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