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0.5m Cat6 black outdoor Telco Wildcat ethernet cable

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Product Features


This is the only ACMA S008:2010 compliant shielded CAT6 outdoor network cable available in Australia that can be legally installed under an Open Cabling Licence.

The Telco Wildcat Cat6 outdoor F/UTP shielded ethernet cable is specifically developed for outdoor microwave and point-to-point/multipoint networking, protecting the network from electronic static discharge while reducing system noise and improving long distance performance. Heavily shielded from EMI/ESD and sporting a thick outdoor jacket, the Cat6 outdoor ethernet cable is suitable designed for installation in exposed and harsh environments, as well as electrically-noisy indoor environments.

Product Info

- Available in various lengths

- Tough 7.4mm OD thick black UV-stable outer jacket

- F/UTP foil shielded twisted pair

- 8P8C shielded RJ45 modular connectors

- Anti-crosstalk divider, reduced EMI crosstalk and higher SNR

- ESD drain for outdoor installation

Testing & Certification

- 1000BASE-T certified Category 6

- Fully ACMA S008:2010 compliant


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