2M Firewire 1394B 9Pin/4Pin Cable
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2M Firewire 1394B 9Pin/4Pin Cable

Product Features


The FireWire 800 1394B 9-pin/4-pin cable delivers reliable high speed data transfers between your FireWire devices for optimum performance.

Product Info
- 9P4P FireWire 800 IEEE-1394B cable, male to male
- Connects FireWire 600 devices to FireWire 800 ports
- Fast data transfer rate of up to 800 Mbs, twice as fast as IEEE 1394a and USB 2.0
- Hot pluggable, to swap live devices without turning off the computer
- Quality 30AWG cable, EMI shielded with aluminium-mylar braided foil
- (1) 9-pin male FireWire 800 to (1) 4-pin male FireWire 600 connector
- Moulded PVC strain relief connectors
- Cable length 4.5 meters
- Colour black
- Easy to use plug and play

Testing & Certification
- Lifetime manufacturer's warranty
- Compliant with IEEE 1394A and 1394B


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2M Firewire 1394B 9Pin/4Pin Cable